About SDG

"Every dope squadron needs dope gear."
- Robin Olds (probably)

I was initially thrown into being the "Snacko" at my first line squadron and crushed it! Being an E-3 Air Battle Manager in the US Air Force I realized that dope gear makes a dope team. A bunch of work friends noticed my knack for graphic design as well as my drive to create memorable unit gear. Like many great startups, some brews, some bros, and some encouragement led to the creation of Squadron Dope Gear.

I noticed that, to raise unit morale, sometimes all it takes is a cool patch, shirt, or zap to bring everyone together. Even the little details can have a huge impact! Since I thoroughly enjoyed designing gear for friends, I figured I could help out units, squadrons and teams anywhere!

Custom Squadron Dope Gear builds team cohesion at any unit. Since our founding, we have created patches and gear for a wide variety of units, across multiple services for several different nations. We take pride in the quality of our products and the uniqueness of our designs. I may not be able to help you pass a check ride or restock your bar's kegerator... but I can provide you and your team with unmatched dope gear. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with men and women keeping the "bro" mentality alive!

Keep it Dope!

Rally - Owner, Squadron Dope Gear